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Rakhi Sawant to divorce her husband Ritesh in front of the world? Is this the reason she brought him to the Bigg Boss 15 house!

Bigg Boss 15 has managed to keep all of us hooked with all the twists and turns. And the entry of VIP contestants completely surprised everyone, especially when Bigg Boss announced the entry of Rakhi’s husband Ritesh. And since Rakhi has always stated that she has been married but never introduced her husband.

So when the couple entered the house, the audience went crazy, and after that many claimed that Ritesh is not an NRI and is some cameraman of the BB house, but there is no confirmation on the same.

If recent media reports are to believe, that Rakhi will soon break her marriage with Ritesh in the Bigg Boss house. And in the upcoming episode, she will announce that her marriage is over and she has left Ritiesh forever.

On the Weekend ka Vaar when Ritesh was asked if he is Rakhi’s real husband. Ritesh responded, “Through this medium, in front of everyone and public I would like to say that Rakhi has never lied. Whatever she has said, it is true. It was my ‘buzdili’ (coward) that I couldn’t accept and was more cautious about my business. I wanted her to hold it from being public. It is her ‘badappan’ that for two years she didn’t take our photos in public and heard taunts from everyone. She was called a liar. I felt very bad last time she broke down. I decided when Salman Khan will call me as a contestant I will come and accept her as a wife.” Salman finally agrees that he is her husband.


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