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Rakhi Sawant breaks down as she confirms she is not legally married to Ritesh Singh, ‘I want my right as a wife and not any kind of sympathy’

The Bigg Boss show is full of twists and turns and it makes it more interesting to watch for viewers. Recently Rakhi Sawant made some shocking revelations about her marriage.

Rakhi and her husband Ritesh had entered the Bigg Boss 15 show as wildcard contestants. It was the first time Rakhi introduced her husband to the world. After a few weeks, Ritesh got evicted from the show. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi said that no one believed her during the last season when she told everyone that she is married. She said, “Mujhse nahi bardaasht hua. Mere pati bhi roye, unke mummy-daddy, meri maa bhi royi.”

Seeing her emotional side, Ritesh then suggested he visit India and host a banquet so she could publicly introduce him to the rest of the world. However, she was invited to Bigg Boss 15 a few days after he arrived. She asked him to come to Bigg Boss 15 instead, so she said, “This is when I decided to announce my marriage on Bigg Boss 15. The show is also so popular and is watched across the globe, making it easier for me to tell the world.”

She got emotional and said, “Logon ki baaraat aati hai, mehendi lagti hai, phere lagte hai. Mera aisa kuch bhi nahi hua. Mere liye kisi ne ladka nahi dekha, kuch nahi hua, lekin maine bandh kamre mein ek shaadi kar li.”

She boldly asked Ritesh not to pity her. ‘If you think I am a good person and deserve your love, only then let’s take our relationship ahead. We are not legally married yet. But now, I want my rights as a wife and not any kind of sympathy. Give me a marriage certificate so that we can spend our lives together. If not, I don’t think we can stay together. We will have to part ways otherwise,” she told.

Previously, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Ritesh Singh had revealed that they are not legally married. He said that his first wife is not ready to sign the divorce papers yet.

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