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Rakhi Sawant yells at Tejasswi Prakash by saying not to act ‘Bichari’ during the TTF task

Bigg Boss 15 is a reality show full of drama and entertainment presented by Salman Khan. The show is getting more and more exciting by the day. As the competition approaches its conclusion, the participants are trying everything they can to win the tasks assigned to them in order to” stay on the show. Bigg Boss recently gave a ‘Ticket To Finale’ task. During the task, Tejasswi Prakash, Nishant Bhat, and Abhijit Bichukale had to tear each other’s baskets and collect maximum balls to win.

Tejasswi was targeted by Abhijit, and she was unable to retrieve her balls from the basket. She got upset and ended up crying. Rajiv and Karan tried to persuade her to stay in the game, however, Tejasswi refused to listen to anyone and said, “I am done with this sh*t.”

When Rakhi Sawant noticed her sobbing, she told her not to play any pity cards because she was willfully losing the game. She told her not to act ‘bechari’. “Nothing is going to happen if you cry. If you want to play the game go and tear their bags. What will happen if you cry? Why this ‘aansu card’. Why are you crying? You are losing by choice so don’t cry then. Don’t try to act bechari if you are not playing the game.”.


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“She is playing the lady’s card,” Rakhi remarked when Tejasswi explained why she doesn’t want to play. Rajiv warned Rakhi not to use the term “woman card” lightly when referring to Tejasswi. Pratik defended her, claiming that she was only kidding and that she was using all of the phrases in jest.


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Later on, Karan attempted to persuade Tejasswi that Rakhi’s intentions are good, but her words were misdirected. “I also agree with what Rakhi thinks but words upar neeche ho gaye,” said Karan. Tejasswi later had a word with Rakhi and told her that whenever she says ‘I am playing cards, it hurts.’ In the end, Nishant won the task.

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