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Rakhi Sawant and Aadil Khan broke up? Actress waits for him in Delhi for 2 hours but he did not come

Rakhi Sawant is considered to be the entertainment queen in Bollywood, she always wins the hearts of her fans for her funny jokes and also for freely speaking. As she is very well known for this she is also in discussion with her life partners. At different times in her life, she has been involved with a variety of partners, and the majority of those relationships have ended amicably.

However, if you continue to air your dirty laundry in public, expect it to make headlines at the very least, even if those who are publishing such headlines are sane enough to not cast judgment on it. Far be it from us to pronounce judgment on anyone’s personal matter as it is none of our business. Rakhi’s most recent appearance, though, seems to imply that she is reentering Splitsville. It’s true what you just read! Adil has angered the actress greatly after keeping her waiting in Delhi for about two hours and failing to show up.


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Rakhi Sawant had flown to Delhi to meet up with her new beau, Aadil, by chance. Due to their respective job responsibilities, they had probably been separated more than normal, so they decided to spend some quality time together. Rakhi Sawant, however, asserts that Aadil kept her waiting for more than two hours in Delhi (an unidentified location in the city) before failing to show up. She is now engaged with him, and she expressed her anger on video.

Rakhi Sawant claimed that after being ignored for more than two hours by Aadil, she took a flight to Mumbai alone, cried nonstop on the way home, ruining her mascara, and decided to teach Aadil a lesson by not phoning him at all. The paparazzi who were waiting for the pair at the airport caught her on tape telling them everything. One of the too-exuberant papas assured Rakhi that he would not buy food for her on the day (don’t ask why; you’re probably just as confused as we are about such absurd promises).

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