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Raj Kundra Case: Sherlyn Chopra records her statement to the police

Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been in news ever since he was arrested in a pornography racket case for allegedly uploading porn films on mobile applications.

The businessman has been in judicial custody and the bail has also been rejected. Actress Sherlyn Chopra was also summoned by Property Cell in the same case. On August 7, 2021, she recorded her statement.

Sherlyn Chopra says she has shared all the information with the authorities and wants justice for every victim of his pornographic racket.

Her statement was recorded by the property cell of the Mumbai crime branch in the porn case.

Talking about the same, Sherlyn Chopra said, “I want each and every victim of this pornographic racket, to get justice. I have not met any victim of this racket so far, but I would like to know, how they were misguided and coaxed into this racket. And I want every victim to step forward and record their statement, because unless and until those victim reach out to authorities, no one would know what the modus oprandi was”.

Sherlyn also added, “Yesterday I went to Property Cell around eleven in morning and came back eight in night; the investigative officers asked me a lot of questions. I was asked about Arms-Prime, with whom I had an agreement from 26th March 2019. And before that on 22nd March 2019, I met with Raj Kundra at hotel JW Marriott”.

“Team wanted to know what were the terms and conditions of the agreement, what Raj Kundra discussed with me, how many videos were made under the agreement, who and all were present during the video shooting, who and all were involved in content creations. Further I was quizzed about Raj Kundra’s other companies, such as Hotshot, Bollyfame and all. Whatever information I had, I’d put it across and I urged the authorities if they want me to come back for further question, I will” added Sherlyn.

Sherly added that even if she has a bad rap-sheet, then also if something goes against the law, she is not okay with it.

She added, “See, when I talk about pornography, people thinks look who is talking? It is true that I have shot for playboy in 2012, and it is also true that I had no problem shooting for bold content, but the thing is, when we step outside the boundaries of the law, and we start breaking the law, that where one starts to question his deeds, whether they are right or not? People who love pornography, are entitled to do whatever they want, they can leave the country and do it. But if you are promoting pornography on India soil and shooting it here, of course, the authorities will have issues with it and they won’t tolerate it. So, I would like to tell every troll out there, who enjoy porn, it is not allowed by government of India, so why are we breaking the law and making porn, that to be on such a big level.”

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