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Rahasya Trailer Review

Rahasya Trailer Review

The Manish Gupta movie Rahasya with loads of delay is on the verge of its release. The filmmaker has recently released its trailer at the social media platforms, giving us enough reasons to have its review. The movie has main leads including Kay Kay Menon, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tisca Chopra. However, as you go through the trailer, a feeling of some resemblance with the infamous Aarushi Murder case is felt. The very same case which passed roller coaster heading to different directions and surprising people who seemed following the story. Nonetheless, the filmmakers have denied about the same whenever this question was posed if their story is being inspired by Aarushi Murder Case. The storyline is the same, which seems very much close to the Aarushi case, yet, the trailer has both the interesting and weird elements, which are worth checking out as under:

The Pros

Both Kay Kay Menon and Ashish Vidyarthi have been incredible in their performance in the movie. Unlike their previous movies, they have simply championed with their incredible performance in the film. You can find the background score very much mysterious still cannot be called as a haunting experience. This can therefore make the film a perfect genre. The filmmakers are often seen merging the fine line in between the mystery murder case and the haunted story line. Interestingly, the movie trailer has a disclaimer at the end of the trailer, which is generally evident at the start of any movie seems interesting. However, considering the similarities between the movie storyline with the infamous Aarushi Murder Case, the idea of putting the disclaimer is really a worthy idea.

The Cons

The trailer encompasses most of the heinous murder in it. Ironically, you can find a majority of mystery element has been shown in the trailer, which should be kept behind the scene so as to trigger the inquisitiveness among the audiences. Generally the trailers are not made the way you find over in the Rahasya trailer. The presence of Tisca Chopra seems very much minimal, which doesn’t justify any actress in the lead role to be shown in any trailer with smaller amount of screen space.

Wrapping up

The storyline of this movie showcasing a teenager is getting murdered in the most mysterious fashion will certainly echo the episode of Aarushi despite seeing the filmmakers going on a denial mode. Despite a couple of flaws and resemblance to the said case, you would certainly enjoy the performances of actors like Kay Kay Menon and Ashish Vidyarti. And those of you all who are still not clear about Aarsuhi’s murder case can get the right glimpse of the real time story happened in the recent past. Have a look at the trailer and why not shoot your views about the same.

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