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MSG: The Messenger of God : Movie overview

MSG-The-Messenger-of-God-Movie- an overview

The Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Jeetu Arora’s movie – MSG: The Messenger Of God, which is the production of Hakikat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd featuring Singh in the main role. As per the filmmakers, the film simply deals with a couple of vital and essential youth related issues including alcoholism, drug abuse, sex, etc. The story of the film revolves around a spiritual leader called Guruji played by Singh who is known to have a huge amount of followers. He has embarked with a challenge to alleviate social evils including gender related problems, which are part and parcel of the society.  People with vested interest and the ones who are known to be apathetic pertaining to the welfare of the society are seen reluctant about his mission, which bring in their wrath and thus plan to kill the Guru.

The movie has six different songs, which is written by Singh himself. A glance at the movie would give you a number of live concerts being collated in the movie. These songs talks about reformation of the society and propagating the idea of cleansing the society in and out by addressing the youth issues. The locations of the movie are mostly from the states including Maharashtra, Kerala and Karanataka. Also, Singh’s live concert in Haryana too is included in the film, while he is the only man behind giving the storyline to the filmmaker. A couple of sequences have been captured in the southern regions of the country.

The movie is still to get a clean chit from the Indian Central Board Of Film Certification, which is still on the boards of the revising committee. The members of the Censor board have come out with the objection of portrayal of Singh as the God of the film. Besides, the movie has also trigged controversies among the Sikh groups for the same reason and they have demanded to ban the movie. Since the release of PK, the movie surrounding religions have been critically seen by both audience and censor board. The issue of freedom of expression has been vital when we have similar movies any other stuff coming out in the media. Even the Ministry of Broadcasting Affair too feared the same and hence requested to act with great caution.

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