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Ragini MMS 2 review

Ragini MMS 2 is all about Sunny Leone’s bold avatar, which is more comic than spooky


The sequel of Ragini MMS is all set to hit today in the theaters. As per reports, the Ragini MMS 2 is among the most marketed and promoted movies of Balaji Telefilms. This has however posed a massive amount of disclaimers before the movie before it actually starts in the theaters. The sequel is based on story of a couple going for a filthy weekend over the haunted home. You have the much hyped and hot adult movie star – Sunny Leone known for all bad reasons in this glamour world. The rest of the case include assorted array of other characters like the menacing scriptwriter, several top TV actors and overzealous and knowledgeable psychiatrist along with two other actresses.

So you have a movie within this movie, which simply gets happening very much in the start along with seeing the chills as well. The director plans to make a film on the MMS going viral about the lady called Ragini in the very same place where this MMS scandal has taken place. He plans to capitalize on this incident that went viral all across the world by depicting the same story in his film interestingly going to the same place where this entire episode was seen taking place. Thus when he is shooting this film, he encounters the same horrible experience, which has been seen and heard in the haunted house. In other words, you have a blend of sex, comedy, horror and thrill, which can be captivating for the viewers.

The film is directed by Bhushan Patel who seems to be trying out certain mundane stuff like putting the coffee mug over the table by turning the same under the mic. The director simply believes in escalating the voice or the sound of the characters to incredibly the highest point, which he has done in order to maintain the progression found in between the two scenes. You can therefore find the sound reaching to the uncomfortable levels wherein the director has infused different sound in almost each and every scene in order to add the horror value. You can find this working over the basic level; however, as you more ahead to towards the climax the film simply starts to jar over your ears.

Last words of Ragini MMS 2 review

Amidst these grumbles you can feel the sense of horror in this movie, which can keep you over the edge of your seat for around the runtime of two hours. Besides, there is comic relief as well in the film wherein the character called Monali, the actress Sandaya Mridul has played it incredibly smart by using twisted sense of humor with her broken English language. Last but not the least the bold avatar of Sunny Leone can make the difference; however, the movie seems to be more about comic than being spooky.

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