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First day box office collection of Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2 –  Start with a big bang

In the list of four releases today, Ragini MMS 2 seems to be doing good and to put more precisely it has come up with a big bang over the box office. As per reports, Bhushan Patel’s movie seems to have captured 70 percent of the market amidst the releases of other three movies as well. If you believe the film distributors, they seem to take pride in quoting the big bang figure of the movie calling it as one of the best box office report of such category movie on the very first day. The impressive figure is more likely to multiply the following weekend in all the metros of India and even abroad.

Along with the Indian theaters the movie is released worldwide adding ripples for having the presence of the most controversial film actress and former p0rn star – Sunny Leone.  As the film started this afternoon, an average figure was seen and heard but as the day is turning duskier, the figure at the box office report of Ragini mms 2 seems promising and incredible.  The very initial report surfacing in the media was seen quoting 5.25 crore in the metro cinema and by the end of the day, the figure would more likely to touch 9-10 crore for sure. The figure 70 percent is reported in Mumbai, which remained above 50 percent in other metro cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mysore, Banglore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, etc.

 If you talk in terms of occupancy on the very first day of the movie, it seems to be good, which is certainly going to add up in the coming days. Despite a couple of hiccups and hurdles like exam time and controversy over the presence of Sunny Leone, the movie has a good start. Perhaps it’s the presence of Sunny only, which is making the difference and would continue to do so in the coming days.  Digging deep in the movie, the song of Yo Yo Honey Singh, which showcases the bold and sizzling avatar of Sunny in the film will really going to draw more and more crowd to the theaters. Also, you have several other vital factors in the haunted movie to enjoy in the two hour run time movie.

Tomorrow being Saturday, both the figure and occupancy is more likely to add, which will certainly going to make the difference in the box office report. The expected collection this weekend about the Ragini MMS 2 would be too hot and pleasing for the people who were predicting a poor start of the movie. Taking a rough view over all the metro cities of India, Ragini MMS 2 has embarked over the box office with a big bang and it is likely to multiply in the coming days.

First day box office collection Ragini MMS 2  is 5 crores

First day box office collection Ragini MMS 2 is not yet confirm.

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