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Radhe Shyam Movie Review: Prabhas-Pooja’s film is all about chemistry, brilliant visuals & beautiful story!

Star Cast: Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Bhagyashree, Sathyaraj, Kunaal Roy Kapur

Director: Radha Krishna Kumar

Rating: 3.5/5


The protagonist Vikramaditya (Prabhas) is dubbed “the Einstein of palmistry” in this period drama set in the 1970s. A team of Indian space scientists consults his guru Paramahamsa (Krishnam Raju in the Telugu version; Sathyaraj in other versions) before a mission. A scientist’s skepticism about palmistry, astrology, and kindred rituals is understood by the guru. He uses the example of the Arundhati and Vashista stars, which were known long before they were found by contemporary science; he claims that there are things beyond human comprehension, thereby setting the tone for events to come.

Vikramaditya continues the guru’s lineage by reading Indira Gandhi’s palm early in the film and predicting that she will declare an emergency! Radhe Shyam may have avoided the stunt sequences that would normally be included in a star film, but he nevertheless tries to build a halo around Prabhas’ persona by using some shaky sequences.

Scratch behind the heroism and Vikramaditya appears to be a man who has succumbed to the dictates of fate. His casual relationships, which he refers to as “flirtationships,” are an indication that he is commitment phobic for good cause. When he meets the bubbly but mysterious Dr Prerna (Pooja Hegde), who likewise avoids relationships, he falls in love.


Prabhas has all the heroic aura in the film and he impresses much with his action and acting. He is stylish in all the scenes and will make you fall for him all over again.

Pooja Hegde’s enticing appearance complements the film’s stunning sets and vibe. She makes an impression with her performance. Bhagyashree’s character in the film adds nothing significant to anyone’s life, hence she is given a very limited role. Kunaal Roy Kapur as Aditya’s close buddy is good.

Technical Departments:

The film was shot on a huge scale in several locations across Europe, giving it a fairytale-like feel, which is a bonus. It does provide a spectacular visual delight. Mithoon, Amaal Mallik, and Manan Bhardwaj compose music that complements the story’s setting. Some of the songs’ visual representations harken back to classic music videos from years past. The visual effects deserve commendation and contribute to the film’s visual excellence. All of this, though, is barely enough to save a love tale whose fate could have been quite different.

Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa, production designer Raveender Reddy, and costume designers Thota Vijayabhaskar, Eka Lakhani leave no stone undone to make this look like an epic.


“Radhe Shyam” is one of the most expensive films ever made in India. It’s no surprise that the film’s visual and production values are outstanding. Prabhas and Pooja’s chemistry wins out hearts.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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