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Queen will be remade in different languages including Chinese

Queen movie in chines

Kangana Ranaut’ performance in Queen was hilarious and she received a lot of appreciation for her acting skills. Queen was an Indian comedy drama film directed by Vikas Bahl. Kangana’s performance and script of the movie was an incredible match and therefore, the movie was amazing and loved by the viewers. Kangana played the role as Rani in the film. The film had emotion, comedy, drama, love, etc. All the scenes were shot in a great way. People have liked the film so much that the film makers have given a green signal for the movie to be remade in other languages including Chinese.

Film will be remade in Tamil and Telugu as well. The producers of the film were surprised when they heard that people want to remake the film in Chinese. They want Kangana Ranut to redo the film in Chinese. When the film was screened at the Busan International Film Festival, film makers wanted to buy the remake rights. There have been negotiations for months and now the producers have agreed to sell the remake rights in Tamil, Telugu and Chinese. The director of the film, Vikas Bahl will be actively involved in a creative way with the directors to remake all the versions of the films.

Kangana has done such a great job in the film that it is still a suspense and surprise that who will play the role like Kangana in the remake. After 8 years, she returned back with a great hit and proved that she has some unique acting skills. The movie music was scored by Amit Trivedi which was a big hit as well. The film was released worldwide on 800 screens and the film grossed a 60 crore on the film. The story was interesting and therefore many film makers want to do a remake.

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