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Queen movie review : kangana ranaut scores the point

This Friday, you have Vikas Bahal’s movie- Queen in the stock of theaters. The film promises a number of things like taking the lady for Honeymoon trip alone showcasing the fun elements in it. However, the file seems lagging behind in meeting up the expectations of the audience to a great extent. Anyway, if you look at the plot of this movie, Kangana Ranut alias Rani (in the film) along with Rajkumar Rao alias Vijay is married, however, soon the wedding is seen being called off while Rani is seen moving ahead in her life. She goes for her own honeymoon trip all alone as she has planned earlier. In her incredible journey of Honeymoon, she simply enjoys the carefree and cherishing life and doing things on her own terms and conditions. In the first half, the movie sounds a bit boring with loads of stereotype played all along.

Despite moving out for her honeymoon all alone, Rani chooses to remain in the traditions set by the society. Rani fear a lot certain strangers and is unable to blend in the new atmosphere and thus seen being scandalized every time she is seen getting into the culture shock during her abroad journey. You can notice an interesting irony in the film when Rani is seen boozing and trying alcohol the first time in her life, however, she is not seen going crazy but stays calm and cool.  Even when you see her taking the drinks and seen breaking away the bonds she is seen treading her path in the traditions of society. One interesting point, which embarks in the movie, is when she goes in her flashback and finds out what her finance didn’t like and she does everything in revenge what he has stopped her from doing like dance and going out.

Amidst the movie, Kangana is seen impressive with her acting performance with a small role of Raj Kummar playing the character of regressive fiancé perfectly. She has played the best role in making things in a right shape and touching the right cords at various junctures in the movie. The final 20 minutes movie is incredible, wherein it is seen taking a new height while she is seen challenging the norms that are set by others. If you are looking for just one reason to watch this movie, consider the performance of Kangana who was simply outstanding, while the rest seems average right from the story, music and songs.

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