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Gulaab Gang Movie Review

Gulaab Gang Review

Watch Gulab Gang only for Juhi

Juhi Chawla in her villain character seems incredible. In fact, many of the directors have underrated her for this role for her smiling and bubbling character. Juhi plays the character of Sumitra Bagrecha in this film who is basically a corrupt politician. In fact, most of the audience would have a shocking time seeing her in this negative character. If you check the plot of this movie, Sumitra (Juhi), is a dreaded politician, who uses the twin mantras of money and power in order to win the coming elections. She is indispensible in her character wherein she screws everyone, right from the party leader to the policeman and other powerful people. No one is allowed to stand in her way including the politicians or people with from any background. But this film is now about Juhi or her character as you have Madhuri Dixit who playing the lead role in Gulab Gang with a character called Rajjo.

She is an energetic woman, who has the passion for education and has faced all the wrath of her elders and so called owners of the society. Owing to her feisty character she is seen as a savior of woman in the local area.  She runs one Ashram wherein she teaches young girls and women reading and writing and also prepares them to stand against all odd and tread the just path. She is known as Didi in her area who solves a number of their problems, so when you had corrupt collector stealing the power from the village against a big bribe, the village head turns to Rajjo for the help.  Initially Rajjo is seen discussing the issue, however, when she fails she brings her Gulab Gang to teach the corrupt officer a lesson. In other words, the film is all about the struggle of a woman and the villagers against corrupt systems and politicians led by Didi.

Digging deep critically, you can find the film failing in many things. Madhuri, who is among the most talented actress, was seen with poor script with nothing extraordinary character to play in this movie Gulab Gang. Even the debates and fights seen in between Sumitra Devi and Rajjo could have won hearts was seen failing despite two great actresses are seen clashing together.  The director Soumik Sen has his debut with this film was seen working hard in direction for his self written story but was seen failing in other domains like screen play and dialogue, which is often the detrimental elements of the director. In other words, if you want to watch this film, Juhi can give you big reasons to watch, otherwise it can be termed as an average film, failed to make its mark on the blockbuster.

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