“Quarantine Tapes gave me opportunity to steer in the hearts of people who steer hearts of the world.” Pearl Malik

As everyone dealt with disruptions to the daily routines thanks to the Covid-19 global pandemic, people started finding ways to fill their time and deal with their emotions picking up paintbrushes, crochet kits and camera, and started getting creative in quarantine. I am no different!

With college semester slowing down and following a simple instruction of staying at home, there were very limited ways to engage my mind. I reignited my love for story-telling but knew I had to work with fewer resources for filming and creating content.

Ingenuity came from boredom and social media was the perfect platform to start from and eventually showcase my work, hence the birth of ‘Quarantine Tapes’. So, basically, the premise was to tell simple, fun and unfiltered stories of some interesting people for their fans and audience to get to know them a tad bit more!

The next step was to make a few phone calls, try and fix interviews, send a lot of direct messages on Instagram and Twitter. Comfort zone is the enemy of creativity, and in my case, it stands very true as well so I pushed myself more to get things rolling. Little did I know, that all my messages would be answered and most of the celebrities got really excited about the idea. They loved the fact that I wanted to film them in their real moods at their home, unfiltered. Everyone felt it was like a breath of fresh air in a world full of footages and reruns with stories scripted to the T.

I really enjoyed the fact that the celebrities came forward with ease and really stayed real through the process. I feel one can really see through them in my films, and their energy and emotions can be felt. It is also because all of them gave me a free hand and showed immense faith in my storytelling techniques. That’s the reason I could tell their stories without any boundaries and highlight their true persona to the world.

By the end of it, I feel, I made Q Tapes with utmost sincerity and with a great passion so it did not remain just a fun lockdown activity. I enjoyed this process of connecting with people from different creative field and this nurtured my passion for filmmaking further. Quarantine tapes did not only give me the opportunity to apply what I had learnt but also satiated my urge to always hold a camera in my hand and a script to create something unique.

Also, creating content in times when the world is going through so much may seem trivial, but staying busy, taking care of mental health and general well being is an important key to happiness- especially in such hard and uncertain times.

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