Multi-million Dollar Company Built By Young Entrepreneur Zidane Awad In Less Than 2 Years.

Zidane Awad
Zidane Awad

Have you ever faced the discomfort of choosing the wrong routes while traveling to your dream destination? Ever ruined your family trip just because you couldn’t find your places of interest on the way? Well, you don’t have to face that anymore if you’ve been through all this. Get the Veyago mobile app and, once and for all, say goodbye to all those problems. It’s your amazing travel companion, designed by Zidane Awad Nimer, a budding Palestinian Israeli tech entrepreneur.

What Is Veyago?
Veyago is a travel companion app that was introduced back in 2018 by young entrepreneur Zidane Awad. Zidane began working on this idea during his senior year at the school. Veyago, which has also served as his final project in the MEET scholarship program by MIT, provides users with a platform that collects important data related to their interests for a particular trip and suggests the best routes that will not only give them access to all they want, but also show them the most cost-effective options.

Zidane Awad
Zidane Awad

How It Works?

Let’s say you’re going to a popular travel destination on a family trip and want to have access to the best hotels with parks and places to have fun nearby. You just need to launch the Veyago app, select your particular interests, and get a chance to choose from multiple routes that would make your trip worthwhile with the least trouble possible. You are going to have access to everything that you want.

What the app actually does is that it presents you with three different types of routes. The first one is the pick of the app admins. These routes show up with all the relevant information and the costs that you’ll have to bear should you take any of them

The next option you’ll get is the routes picked by other users who traveled just like you and picked a specific route for specific places of interest. These routes are tailored to the specific interests of each user and are shared by the public. Here, you’ll see the routes you’re looking for that have some common interests too.

The last option allows you to customize your own itinerary. Once your interests have been specified, the app displays all the nearby places according to your selection, allowing you to build a route and share it with others. To give other users an idea of why you selected the route and what kind of experience they can expect, you can write a little description of your customized route.

For each route, Veyago also provides you with some estimation. This gives you an idea of how much you should be able to spend if you take a specific route and whether or not there are any entry fees. You can also select a premium feature that gives you an insight into the nearest restaurants, etc.

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