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Qaidi Band Movie Review

Endearing Onscreen chemistry between the novices is a worthy catch

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Movie – Qaidi Band
Star Cast: Aadar Jain, Anya Singh, Sachin Pilagaonkar
Director: Habib Faisal
Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

The film, is based on real events dealing with under trial ‘Machung Lalung’, who finally gets justice after a long delay of years. The lead characters Sanju (Aadar Jain) and Bindu (Anya Singh) are the two undertrials who have been ‘victimised’ in their own circumstances. But they remain behind the bars despite as they cannot afford the fees of a rich lawyer. They even remain in jail despite their birthdays. One day, on the even of his jail anniversary, he and his friend gets the chance to perform in his musical band,before a minister and the media, which helps them to win their hearts and attention and thus remain an instant internet sensation. They then plans to escape with their prize money of 50 lakhs as they can now afford the lawyer. So, will they be able to escape, how will their plan work is worth watching.

The film comes with a different script known to build up its momentum in the extremely engaging first half. However, the second half loses its sheen with its several dull moments, which manages to keep the momentum intact with its taut screenplay. Now talking about the performances of the lead stars played by actors like Aadar Jain and Anya Singh who make their debut in B Town with Qaidi Band. Their conviction and their respective performances are truly remarkable. Though he seemed failing when it comes to handling the emotional scenes. On the other hand, we see Anya Singh who tend to given a good screen presence as well. The onscreen chemistry between the two (Anya Singh and Aadar Jain) simply is outstanding and very much endearing to watch. The veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar tent do make a good comeback in Hindi cinema with Qaidi Band.
Now talking about the direction and music, the Habib Faisal has done good job with this movie. Thanks to his directorial skill sets and ability, he is successfully able to portray a flawlessly film with compelling visual competence. As far as the music is concerned it seems captivating and complements the script to a great extent, similar is the story of background music. The other elements like screenplay, editing and photography tend to remain par with the requirements of the show.

Qaidi Band Review: The Last Word
For people who are keen to catch some raw but genuine talent performances along with getting an unadulterated entertainment, Qaidi Band is a perfect catch for you. You can find the movie with great potential and it has the tendency to grow big, majorly due to word of mouth publicity.

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