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PVR and Cineplolis in south bans soft drinks and now coconut water will be served

PVR and Cineplolis in South bans Soft Drinks

PVR , Cineplolis in South bans Soft Drinks & now Fresh juices , Cocunut water will be served instead

South India which is known for its Glorious Tourism like Pondicherry , Rameshwaram and many more , Now will be known far beyond this.
Yes , initial decision be Tamil Nadu Ministry to Ban Complete Soft Drinks from PVR , CINEPOLIS saying “it is complete poison” . Instead we will serve Our people with Fresh Juices, Cocunut water, Lassi and so on .
Also Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health , A Short Film by Priyanka Raina Released in 2016 which talks on message instead Butter Milk, Coconut water is now talk of town.
On speaking to Priyanka Raina , She shows her excitement,
 “Thank you South that my message at least starts from Bottom and soon we will reach Top to Kashmir. And if I can change even One percent of the system – i will feel on Top of the world. And Being from the City which is known to be the paradise , Hope can convert my India as Paradise” ,
Watch Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health

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