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PVR and Cineplolis in south bans soft drinks and now coconut water will be served

PVR and Cineplolis in South bans Soft Drinks
PVR and Cineplolis in South bans Soft Drinks

PVR , Cineplolis in South bans Soft Drinks & now Fresh juices , Cocunut water will be served instead

South India which is known for its Glorious Tourism like Pondicherry , Rameshwaram and many more , Now will be known far beyond this.
Yes , initial decision be Tamil Nadu Ministry to Ban Complete Soft Drinks from PVR , CINEPOLIS saying “it is complete poison” . Instead we will serve Our people with Fresh Juices, Cocunut water, Lassi and so on .
Also Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health , A Short Film by Priyanka Raina Released in 2016 which talks on message instead Butter Milk, Coconut water is now talk of town.
On speaking to Priyanka Raina , She shows her excitement,
 “Thank you South that my message at least starts from Bottom and soon we will reach Top to Kashmir. And if I can change even One percent of the system – i will feel on Top of the world. And Being from the City which is known to be the paradise , Hope can convert my India as Paradise” ,
Watch Cold Drinks is Injurious to Health
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