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Punjabi actors can take B-Town by storm says Naveen and his partner Salmaan Bhati




Naveen Saini And Salmaan Bhati

Naveen Saini And Salmaan Bhati


Why are Naveen and Salmaan better than others ? well, lets say it’s the way they effortlessly work with the celebs who look up to them for help. Celebrity manager Naveen Saini and his partner Salmaan Bhati will be soon launching movies with Punjabi actors and models. According to the sources its confirmed that they will be launching Punjabi Talents in b-town But thats not it, as they will be launching many other actors who has the capability to entertain people. Well when a actor cries or laughs the audience should get the same emotions.That’s the power of a good actor, the one who can connect with it’s audience. Such talented people have got in touch With Naveen and shown him their talent.

Naveen further stated, that these Punjabi stars he is going to launch in B-town has already have a good fan following on their social media platforms, So it will also encourage them to give their 100 percent and win more well-wishers which will help them to reach their level ahead from where they belong right now.

Talking about launching these Punjabi talents in Bollywood, Salmaan Bhati said, “Bollywood is open to all if a person is talented enough and knows his craft well. The people I am going to launch are already popular and good in their work, I also believe that they are going to rock.

When it comes to social media. Naveen has worked with a lot of celebs and helped them to understand social media very well, along with that he has also made it a friendly place for the stars.

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