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Puli Tamil Movie Review

Puli Movie Review

Puli Tamil Movie Review- Shoddy Script with too many elements messing up the film

There is loads of buzz in the south Indian film world with the release of Puli having the presence of Sridevi in the negative role. The film finally released this Friday with star cast as Vijay, Shruti Haasan, Sudeep, Sridevi, Nandita Swetha and Hansika Motwani. It is produced by the slew of filmmaker including Thameens, S. Narayan, Pahlaj Nihalani under the banner of SKT Studios, while it is directed by Chimbu Deven. It is a Tamil fantasy adventure movie, which has Vijay in the dual character giving loads of hype in the media for its story and star cast. Now, let’s have a look at the inside of the film in the following lines:


Puli is an adventure film, which somewhere seems to have inspired by Harry Potter. Hence if you have seen Harry Potter, you can certainly understand Puli very well. Magadheera played by Vijay is the chosen hero by the local villagers to save their village. With this as the primary plot, the mythical setting is seen revolving around the common man including the muggles and Vetal community having blue eyes, clawed teeth that can fly high. Unlike any other adventure film, you have the tussle of good and evil and Magadheera is all set to save his village. Amidst all this, his childhood friend Pavazhamani (Shruti Haasan) is his sweetheart. As the preparations for their marriage begins, you find the queen of Vetal played by Sridevi capturing the would be bride and puts her in the dungeon, which makes the main lead to tread a different path all together. So, how is able to save his loved one is interesting to catch in the film.

Script Analysis

You can call this film to be a fairytale of kids wherein birds and tortoise can give you enough lessons, yet it cannot be called a kid’s film completely. As you get into the first half, you become the part and parcel of the fantasy around; however, this may not go for a long as soon you end up getting bored watching the same fantasy. You find certain ideas in the film like the magic potion in the movie at one end and the second with jokes on the other that are found at the cost of weddings and first nights. The film only seems to come out with an elaborated character of Magadheera, while the rest of the characters fail to have the detailing. This character has both the elements – humour and action, which come along with unlimited imagination making the film a bit hard to digest. The first and second half are very much dissimilar to each other as in the former you can find the romance of the lead stars, while the second turns out to be vengeful and tricky apart from catching up too many flashbacks hampering the film to a great extent. This is the half when Sridevi and others come into picture.

Star Performance

Vijay on the face of it seems okay while trying the action and humour in the film but at the overall picture of his character is tragic and not par to the expectations. Hence it is certainly not the best work of this man thanks to the improper shaping up of the characters. On the other hand, Sridevi who embarks in the character of an evil queen seemed impressive and was able to present the arrogance of the queen the best. Ironically, her screen space is too small to showcase the kind of performance she was able to portray at the silver screen. Talking about Shruti Haasan, she seems to dance more than the acts she deserved to be seen in the film, well, she cannot be blamed for the same as her character of was not designed the best. She was more seen showcasing her skin rather than her acting skills. The others like Sudeep and Hansika Motwani were seen with poor and average shows, which together failed to make any difference over the silver screen.

Music, Direction and other Technical Stuff

The director has simply put his best in order to present the fantasy over the silver screen, which will add the element of creativity and appeal, but ironically it has failed to happen. However, he was successful enough to add good visual effects and add the best kind of dresses collection for their incredible work. The music seems average, with too many songs, disturbing the rhythm of the film, while the background score is usually very loud, which is not the case with period drama movies with a superhero at the centre. The action scenes are designed par, but remain too fierce to add the perfect entertainment value in the film making things bad to worse. Only the element of Sridevi seems impressive, which ironically has been staged for a while, while rest is a jerk.

Puli – Last Word

The film take a huge lift reaching to the zenith with loads of fantasy and aromatic background, however, there is hardly any content in the film, which impresses the audience or critics. The film has too many song sequences marring the flow and rhythm of the film. Too many elements clubbed together simply hampers the film unlike the several chefs messes up the dishes they prepare. In a lure to give something new, interesting and creative, the filmmakers failed to render the audience with a blend of many overcooked and undercooked stuff making it really very tough to digest. All these elements make the film an average film and above all the shoddy script and dull editing have done the rest of the damage.

 Rating – 2.0

Rating – 2.0

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