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Producer Vaseem Qureshi is getting ready for his big screen debut where he will be playing the character role of Baazigar

After receiving extraordinary back to back success in the newly launched music label “Aatma Music”, producer Vaseem Qureshi is getting ready for his big Bollywood debut where he will be playing the character role of a cricket analyst named ‘Baazigar’. The film is mainly based on a very strong social message on the negative side effects of various fantasy cricket league games and betting apps. The shooting of the film has already started and completed its first schedule smoothly.

Producer Vaseem Qureshi always wanted to make a film for bigger social benefits. He was working on a few subject matters for quite some time and suddenly the idea of making a film based on today’s negative scenario of fantasy cricket apps and various betting apps came in his mind. The main aim to make this film is to spread strong positive social awareness among the youth of our society about the long term negative side effects of these betting & gaming apps. Almost every media including TV, Radio, Newspapers, Outdoor banners and Internet is promoting various fantasy cricket league & betting apps though eye catchy advertisements. Our young generation is getting attracted to those massive advertisements and getting highly addicted to those apps everyday without knowing its negative side effects. Through this film Qureshi wants to spread a strong positive social message and wants to bring the actual ground reality of these gaming & betting apps to our youth.

Through the film Vaseem Qureshi wants to showcase how young and highly talented people are losing their time, money and energy by getting into these traps. He strongly believes that Cinema is the most vast medium to spread any kind of social awareness for the highest good of our society and that’s why he decided to make a film on this current social scenario. He is strongly hoping that the movie will be an eye opener for our youth. Vaseem Qureshi also quoted that “rather than thinking of business, if this film can create a positive impact, I will be more than happy as the producer”

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