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Priyanka Chopra’s Debut Bhojpuri Film Faces Protests in Bihar

Jeetu Likhar




Priyanka Chopra is known for taking up diverse projects, right from the slew of movies in B Town to the overseas projects in Hollywood like Quantico and other shows, she is now seen venturing in Bhojpuri films. Recently, she announced her maiden Bhojpuri movie called Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi, which as per the reports is her production venture. However, her very same project is facing the heat at its homeland Bihar, which will be produced under PC production house called Purple Pebble Pictures. The said film has Dinesh Lal Yadava and Amrapali Dube in the lead role, which seems to be gaining the protests in the state.

There are a number of filmmakers all over the state, which have claimed that they will now write a complaint letter to the actress who is now producing a sleazy and vulgar kind of movie. The protestors also said that the said movie has now dishonored her and at the same time has maligned the 1.5 million people based in Bihar. Well, its time to see the repercussion of the protest going against the actress. On the other side, PC is too busy for these things as she is gearing up her overseas Hollywood flick release called Baywatch, which is all set to hit the theatres on 19th of May 2017.

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