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Priyanka Chopra charged 1.25 crore for a 4-minute at an award show

Jeetu Likhar



PC in Star guild awards 2015

Lately, there have been talks about the top celebs of B Town like SRK and Salman charging 1 to 3 crores per act in different award function. However, the amount of money paid to them justifies the time they spend in their performance, which is often justified. However, can you justify the sum of 1.25 crores for just a four minute act in any award function? Well, no one can do so? The fact is Priyanka was seen charging a whopping 1.25 crores for just an act of 4 minutes. As per reports, the Mary Kom actress charged this whopping amount for her dance sequence on the popular song of Gunday called Assalam-e-Ishqum.

Her performance was witnessed in the recently held award functions of Star Guild Awards 2015 wherein she appeared on the red carpet dressing up in her black leather pants and lace leather top. Her high octane act at the Film City Studios cost 1.25 crores to the organizers. The sources also suggested that PC has her team has worked to design the sequence on her own and hence was charged that amount for that particular minutes. Yet it seems whopping for any celebrity to get for a four minute performance act.

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