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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Movie Review

Finally, the much awaited movie – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is on the screens, which went as scheduled this festive season. The film has Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Swara Bhaskar, whilst it is directed by Sooraj Barjatya under the banner of Rajshree Production. The film brings back the hit Jodi of Sooraj & Salman Khan after 16 long years giving Prem back on the silver screen. The film has loads of stuff, which revives the old Prem seen in Sooraj Barjatya films, however, the Prem after one and half decades after seems pretty different, which makes the film interesting to catch. Anyway, time to catch the gist of film as under:

The story stars at the backdrop of the city of Ayodhya with a cool song called Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo, which came too early with the filmmaker even before the film script was finalized. Here you find a man called Prem Dilwala played Salman Khan who performs at Ram Leela in a contemporary style and happens to be one of the jovial disciples of Ram. Here you find the princess Maithili played by Sonam Kapoor who makes Prem obsessive about her. In fact, he had met the lady during one of the flood relief camps wherein her NGO called Uphaar Trust has been actively working for the cause. Prem finds every reason to send donations to her NGO, while his friend Kanhaiyya played by Deepak Dobriyal didn’t approve his craze for the princess who is all set to get married to a prince Vijay Singh which is played by Salman Khan. This prince is a man of less words and short tempered as well as his family is passing from a bad time owing to the fights going between him and his siblings Ajay Singh and Chandrika played by Neil Nitin Mukesh and Swara Bhaskar respectively. Soon, Ajay is seen hatching a conspiracy to kill his elder brother Vijay, which makes the Yuvraaj seriously injured. However, he is saved by his loyal worker Diwan Saab played by Anupam Kher and this man plans to present Prem as a king to save them from the conspiracy. So, what happens next, how Prem is able to sort out these things and will he be able to get Maithili is an interesting plot to catch.

Script Analysis:
Though on the face of it, the film doesn’t revolve around contemporary story in it but at the same time it certainly not an obsolete affair. Also, one may find an obsolete presentation of the film, yet the content seems neat and clean. With no obscene item songs and vulgar sequences, the film is a typical family show, which is a blessing to catch in an age wherein we have dirty movies coming in the name of entertainment. The film has much of melodrama and less of comical element, while one may be able to predict the story next, but unlike any typical Rajshri films, you have that element of good against the evil with the former winning the race. Overall the characters as jotted down by the filmmaker seem incredible and show the patience and time he has taken to carve every role of the film. The story sound very much unreal as it showcases the mending of broken relations with great comfort. However, talking about the character of Maithili, it seems flawed as she seemed leading two different characters, at one end she is dashing and confident girl, while on the other hand in her role of a fiancée she is all together the opposite. And the climax of the film is the biggest flaw, which comes unreal but ending on the same lines making it a usual film.

Star Performances:
Salman has once again proves the point that he has the monotony of Prem. The character of Prem is the biggest return on investment for the film that is funny and emotional. Salman Khan proved his worth playing the character skillfully, while in the character of the Prince, he is once again impressive thus making the film ultimate treat for the fans of Sallu bhai. However, Sonam proved a complete misfit for this role as always. Right from her performance to dialogues, everything seemed a big mess, while she also lagged behind in terms of charm and beauty with other Rajrshi actress had. The others like Deepak Dobriyal, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Arman Kohli weren’t that bad as well. Above all, Anupam Kher was simply brilliant in his character of Diwan Sb.
Music, Direction and Other elements
Sooraj is once again back on track with some of his best direction skills unlike any other movie. Though unlike his other movies, PRDP is the same, however, this one is loaded with sugary content in it. Though he adds something good in his character yet can be worthy to catch. Now, talking about direction, he deserves full credit for making the film appear a grand affair. The sets in the fill are incredibly stunning all thanks to his skilled and creative production and art team. The music and other elements seemed okay, although there are too many songs in the movie, which at times may appear annoying, however, it consumes good amount of time for the same.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Last Word
PRDP cannot be called as everyone’s cup of tea, however, is a typical family stuff to enjoy this Diwali. In terms of performance and content, it is a clean and neat story to catch, at one end you may find Salman to be a treat to catch in it, while on the other end, Sonam is a great misfit. It is a typical Rajshri affair to catch and digest to the same. All in all, it deserves a rating of 3.0*

Rating 3.0*

Manoj L


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