Friday, January 28, 2022
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Preeti Gupta – the Unfreedom’ actress nude pictures go viral

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Its seem that in Glam world, nude pictures of several unknown actresses seems to be going viral without knowing the real cause of the same. Earlier it was Radhika Apte and now you have Preeti Gupta the Unfreedom actress whose nude pictures are leaked over the web becoming viral soon. As per reports, there were certain images, which she had shot from her film Unfreedom were seen getting leaked in the media. Preeti who is a known TV actress is seen making her debut with the film called Unfreedom.

When she was asked about this leak, she simply called as bizarre things, which has really made her lose her temper. She then called as a violation of privacy and named as the most uncool thing to happen in the public media. Her debut film Unfreedom is directed by Raj Amit Kumar, which was released in the US in May 2015. The censor board has asked a couple of cuts before the film is being released. However, at the moment, the film is banned in India, which the actress has called a ridiculous thing to happen.

The film is all about two unflinching and powerful modern stories regarding religious fundamentalism and intolerance. One of the stories in the film is about a Muslim terrorist who has kidnapped the liberal Muslim scholar to make him silent, while the story story is about a young woman who is against the wish of her father who has asked for arranged marriage since is in love with another woman. So the four characters come across each other in terms of violation, identify crisis, love, family, religion and fierce desire.

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