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Preeti Gupta Incensed on Her Leaked Nude Images: Spoken Like Smashing the Floor

Preeti Gupta

‘Nude Images’ or ‘Nude Videos’ these two words though seems to be the words of handful characters but as far as Bollywood is concern these words easily find their own path to sizzle the Bollywood industry with a fire, especially when it touches the Bollywood actor or actress. Adding some lights on the stuff then, we do remember those two trending news of stars namely Radhika Apte’s semi-naked video and last but not the least which have created a fire on the floor now, yes we are depicting about the nude images of Preeti Gupta, a well known celeb who is popular with a tag line Kahanii Ghar Ghar Ki small screen actress. The pictures were from her looming movie Unfreedom, which created fire on social media. But as of now the situation doesn’t seems to be easy at all, as the actress Preeti have clearly spoken some incensed words in front of the media. Have a look on what seem depicted..

As per the source the actress smashed the floor with her voice, she added – “It’s true that the actors are vulnerable, and I am actually very angry about it. It’s bizarre and a violation of privacy. It’s not cool, and if there is anything to be banned, it’s such kind of things.Shooting such scenes needs dedication and discipline. It’s very challenging. The concept of the film made sense to me and that’s why we decided to show the truth of the situation. Ultimately, we were trying to recreate two hours of reality. Our intention is not to titillate but to show you the truth. It needs courage.” Wooo!! Sounds something really hot isn’t? Yes, of course but what do you think was it over? No,, not at all. There’s still something which needs to be explored here..

Based on the fact that the movie Unfreedom, under the directions of Raj Amit Kumar which is in the air in America since May 2015 but un fortunately got banned in India. On which she’s stated – “I find the ban very ridiculous, why should anything be banned? Don’t you trust the audience’s intelligence? One needs to watch the film to get the message, no? See, we are all adults and we should be given the choice to judge the content of a film. Homofierce desire is very natural, what’s so different about it?,” – As per the sources. However, if we try to make out something judgment in this then, we strongly concur with her statements though which we rude, but on the other hand each one of us have freedom to say, freedom to watch, freedom to do anything in this entire world.

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