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Pratyusha Post Mortem: Strangulation Marks on Neck was it Murder or Suicide?

Pratyusha Post Mortem

A news that spread all over the globe by giving a striking shock to everyone in the B town, yes we are talking about the lovely TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, a star cum celeb who’s no more now. On Saturday after all the formalities she was cremated on Saturday evening. She was found dead on her bedroom by hanging over the fan on Friday evening however as per the post mortem report says she died of asphyxiation. Whereas there were some reports which actually given a strike to the doctors, investigators and indeed the entire Bollywood, as per the reports of autopsy it is said that there were some strangulation marks found on Pratyusha’s neck.

Isn’t sounds really unbelievable? Well the thing for which we all were awaiting for actually resulted into triggering bulk of questions like ‘Was it a suicide? Whether she really hanged herself over the fan? If it was suicide, then what was the reason behind such action? If reports justify that there were some strangulation marks then was it a Murder? Then who was the murderer? and so on.. but in the end the thing that really made the entire globe to a shock was nothing but a big loss to the small screens industry!!

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