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Karishma Kotak talks about her life, movies and much more!

Talking about her busy life actress shares, “I’ve been excellent I’m in a great place in my life! I was recently in dubai for an event and then Paris with my friends! Work and pleasure in equal balance. Working between both cities has kept me busy and hosting events and also Kaptaan. As of now I have Kaptaan releasing and another movie that I’ve signed is punjabi movie. I also love travelling the world and hosting events. I get to meet amazing people and no two days are the same!! It’s the best job! From the IIFAs to IPL” when asked if she relocated to London. She adds, “Not at all I’ve decided to work in both cities and have the best of both worlds. I have best of both worlds.”

Talking about her film Kaptaan, she tells, “It’s a beautiful story about a struggling lawyer and I play his childhood sweetheart and working with Gippy was so amazing he’s a very humble and I don’t speak punjabi so he was very helpful and patient!! Tips are great to work with!!”

Sharing some fitness and beauty tips. Actress adds, “Recently I’ve started pilates which has changed my body completely as well as spinning. Well it’s all about a balance of eating well and working out! And being happy.” we also dare to ask about if marraige is  in the offing. She comments, “Of course I’m like any other girl who wants to have the beautiful wedding and babies. But it has to be with the right person not because it seems to be the right time!!”

Actress sign up commenting for her fans who are missing her. She adds, “Aww follow me on Instagram and Twitter and you will be with me. Oodles of love to my fans.”

Way to go Karishma

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