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Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide, If housing will get difficult in Mumbai for actors.


TV actors share their views on housing issues for the bachelor/actors fraternity that might happen after this unfortunate incident.Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide shocked the entertainment world with issues like depression, professional and personal insecurity, substance abuse, etc taking centre-stage. Many celebs feel it will also aggravate the issue of celebs finding it tough to rent out homes in the city. A few shared their views with us…

REHAN ROY: I feel it will definitely pose problems for the bachelors who want to rent out apartments, especially actors and models. It had been a problem anyway but now it is going to be even worse.

ROOP DURGAPAL: I feel it depends from society to society. Yes, flat owners will be more cautious now as no one wants to get embroiled in police related cases. Even earlier, I have heard of actors and models facing issues in renting out flats due to their unmarried status.

LAKSH LALWANI: Yes! I think it will be slightly a task. It was not easy for me to get a flat in 2015 as well. Now, I think it will be even more difficult.

TINA DATTA: Housing problem for bachelors was always an issue especially actors, but with the recent case it will be far more difficult. There will surely be difficulties for bachelors to find a rented place.

MOHAMMAD NAZIM: Bachelors are always considered to be different species. If you are an actor it is assumed there will be lot of house parties and late nights. All actors don’t have such typical lifestyle. I feel societies should take decision on a subjective basis. Cases of non-actors also happen but it is assumed it only happen with actors.
MRUNAL JAIN: Cases of TV actors are widely reported so they are perceived in a certain way although relationships problems happen in corporate sector as well. It should be subjective and case to case basis but ironically bachelors will face problem for sure.

MAHIKA SHARMA: It has always been a problem for bachelors to get a flat in societies dominated by families. But with such cases will create more issues when it’s about people from the entertainment industry.

AMAL SEHRAWAT: Definitely it will create more problem for bachelors , as whole world is having negative perception about actors and nobody wants to be part of any trouble.

KRISHNA GOKANI: Absolutely, it’s going to get very challenging for bachelors and spinsters or for that matter anyone looking to rent a place, especially after devastating incident. Life isn’t easy for anyone anywhere. A good home is very important.

MANISH GOPLANI: Bachelors and actors anyways have a tough time looking for rented accommodation. I was also struggling for 10-15 days before I found my new apartment. After the recent Pratyusha Banerjee suicide, housing woes will increase

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