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Fan Movie Review

fan movie review

Powerful Packed Performance from SRK makes a worthy Film despite a flawed Script 

The much awaited firm of Shah Rukh KhanFan is finally hitting the theatres today in India and abroad. The film is thriller movie directed by Maneesh Sharma featuring SRK in dual role. The movie is produced by the known producer Aditya Chopra under his known banner of Yash Raj Films. And as per the makers of the film, it is a double delight for SRK’s fan as he is coming in a dual role. Besides SRK, you have Waluscha de Sousa a model and actress from overseas in the film along with Shriya Pilgaonkar, Sayani Gupta, Deepika Amin (Gaurav’s mother) and Yogendra Tiku (Gaurav’s father) in the supporting roles. The music for the film is given by Vishal Shekhar along with Andrea Guerra, now let’s check in inside the film to get the gist of the same as under:


Meet a young boy called Gaurav a Delhi based resident happens to be the biggest fan of B Town actor Aryan Khanna. He claims to have a unique connection with the film star. One day he wins a shield for mimicking the superstar and promises himself to meet Aryan Khanna to gift him the trophy to him with a hug, however, he is unable to do so. Amidst this, Aryan Khanna is in a trouble when he slaps one of his co-actor for misbehaving with him and he claims to drag Aryan in the court. Getting this news, Gaurav conspires to kidnap this actor and then makes a video wherein the actor confesses this incident to his mistake and seeks forgiveness. This whole thing reaches to AK and him then complaints about his fan’s act to the Police. After that we have an encounter of the Fan and AK wherein the super stars says to his fan that Gaurva cannot be his fan for committing such act. Then you find is the turning point when Gaurav returns home with the revenge of teaching SRK a big lesson by conspiring him to become the biggest enemy shedding the effigy of fan. What happens next is interesting to explore.


After doing a number of romantic genre films, SRK is back with a thriller film wherein he plays the antagonist role. After Don1 and Don 2, he is seen in the role, which seems to suit him a lot. Well, talking about the first of the film wherein the fan is showcased to the audience, and his encounter with the superstar, everything seems to be going decent way till the first half ends. The second half when Gaurav plans for the revenge plan against his Messiah actor Aryan Khanna, you can find everything, which the film of SRK called Darr had. The same chase, the same fight, the same crazy thing, which somehow makes the film very much fake. The film is also about the promotion of SRK unlike we have witnessed in the past with films like Billu Barbar or Om Shanti Om wherein Deepika was her fan and loves watching SRK movies. Also, one can witness a number of factual errors in the film wherein Gaurav who resemble like SRK is in London’s museum misbehaving with people and other places amidst tight security and CCTV cameras making things impossible for the police and security people to catch him giving an easy allegation to SRK. All these things simply hamper the film in a big way.

Talking about performance, nothing like SRK as the film simply dominates about the dual characters of Shah Rukh Khan hence all you can find here is the King Khan only. Others had smaller screen presence, which remained okay, which include the overseas actress Waluscha de Sousa and Shriya Pilgaonkar apart from the Sayani Gupta and the parents of Gaurav – Deepika Amin and Yogendra Tiku. The character of Gaurav is a treat to watch in the film wherein SRK has left no stone unturned to play the best over the silver screen. Perhaps this is because SRK hails from Delhi and has somehow lived the life, which he has tried to play for his film Fan. Now talking about screenplay and other things, the first half has a decent amount of things here, while elements like Music seems to be very much minimal even the song Jabra Fan is seen missing in the film making the second half suffer a lot. Direction has some flaws but still has managed to film to present as it is backed by SRK. The technical elements like editing and VFX effects have been good for the film.

Final Verdict

The fan doesn’t appear to be the usual movie as made under the banner of Yash Raj Films. The idea though different and exciting with Shah Rukh Khan doing much of the cherry kind of thing over the cake, but the film has certain flaws, which may give a bad message to SRK’s fans. Yet to see SRK in antagonist role would be interesting and that too with power packed performance. In other words, the film has a good half and a bad second half with many factual errors that are hard to digest but considering the powerful performance of SRK, it can be a one-time watch film for many.  With such move, the film can earn good over the box office all credit goes to SRK.

Rating – 3.0

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