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Pranayam Serial Asianet : Cast, wiki, story, episode, videos, wallpapers



Cast :

Srinish Aravind as Sharan G Menon

Varada Jishin as Lekshmi Viswanatha Iyer a.k.a Lekshmi Sharan G Menon

Baby Megha Mahesh as Malavika/ Malu

Master Siddharth as Manu

Althara as Kavitha

 Kottayam Rasheed as Govinda Menon

Beena Antony as Madhavi Govinda Menon

Amrutha as Simi

Rishi as Indu Gopan

Kailas Nath as Viswanatha Iyer

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy as Saraswathy Viswantha Iyer

Arya Sreeram as Devika Balachandran

Adithyan Jayan as Balachandran a.k.a Balu

Show Timing: Pranayam is telecasted Monday to Friday at 6.30 p.m. on Asianet.

Story Line and Synopsis: Lekshmi Iyer and Sharan were cranky neighbors when they met for the first time. Malu is Sharan’s dugahter from his now divorced wife. Lekshmi, being very fond of Malu, interatcts with Sharan’s family. After initial tiffs and fights, Sharan and Lakshmi decide to marry since this will prevent Malu to be given away to her mother Kavitha who is a cruel lady. Kavitha, on the other hand, is cunning and wicked woman who is engaged to marry Sharan’s business rival. She wants the custody of Malu just to seek revenge from Sharan who divorced her. Kavitha is always scheming ways to destroy Sharan and Lakshmi’s happiness.

Story: Pranayam is the official remake of the popular Hindi serial Yeh Hain Mohabbatein which is telecasted on Star Plus. Laksmi, played by actress Varada, is a doctor by profession. She is sterile but is fond of children. Aware of this information, Lakshmi resists marriage proposals. Lakshmi gets emotionally involved with Malu her neighbor. Sharan’s family is struggling to keep Malu in their custody after Kavitha has filed a case for her custody. The two families decides that Lakshmi and Sharan should get married so that Malu can have her loving Lakshmi aunty always. Now the story has reached a point where Malu’s custody has been won by Kavitha. Malu, against her own wish and to the grief of her parents, has to go to Kavitha’s house where she ill treats her.

Pranayam replaced Amma, which was the longest running serial on Malayalam channel.