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Prajakt Rebeloma

Prajakt RebelomaBorn : April 23 1989
Birthplace : Sakoli, Bhandara District
Age : 25
Height : 5.10

Wiki – Prajakt Rebeloma is an Indian actor, director, singer, lyrists, screenwriter and filmmaker. He has debuted with the film Lastbenchers, which is all set to release this coming month on 4th July 2014. He has been in making films and doing music videos since past few years. He was born in the year 1989 on 23rd April in Sakoli, Bhandara District, a town in Eastern Maharashtra near Nagpur city. He then headed to Gadhchiroli another town close to Nagpur wherein he did his schooling from Carmel High School, while for his further studies he headed to Nagpur. He then joined Dharampeth Science College in Nagpur for his junior college. However, he left his junior college in the midst to try out a venture of his own.

Bio – Being from a well off family, his father Moreshwar Meshram is a known face in Central India particularly in the area of social work and dealing with a number of self help groups. In his childhood, he was very much introvert, and never used to mingle with others. However, he liked doing things that appealed him, which ironically were not activities like acting, music or any other cultural stuff. In fact, his habit or rather approach of experimenting on something new and unique made him enter in the domain of filmmaking. He entered this sector simply to play around some new ideas pertaining to movies or music albums and the ways these are made. His quest to know and experiment led him to filmmaking, which makes his entry as accidental and not planned.

He owns a film production house called Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd, which he is the founder and managing director. It is based in Nagpur wherein he deals with film and video album making projects along with handling modelling assignments. He started his film making career with a music album called ‘Amateur Rappers’, wherein he has acted, directed, edited the album apart from creating the lyrics for the same. Currently he is working on three different Hindi movie, including Lastbenchers, which is all set to be released in the coming few days. Also, he is working on his next album called ‘Amateur Rappers 2’. His first movie Lastbenchers is all set to be released in August 2014, which he has been working since past one year. Right now, the previews of the movie are going on at different junctures and places of Nagpur. He has conceived the idea of making this movie from his own flat wherein he resides with his brother and friend in Nagpur.

With a dream in his eyes to make the movie on his own, he learnt everything on his own learning and exploring over the internet and checking a wide range of Do It Yourself YoutTube videos. With the guidance and learning from a number of DIY YouTube videos on filmmaking, he created his crew, arranged all the required resources to finally shoot a successful movie, which he has named as Lastbenchers. The movie revolves around the lives of four youngsters who are backbenchers but when it comes to facing the real life, they had to toil hard to come out from the darker shades of life. Presently, he is busy in promoting and bringing out his movie to the theatres, which will be followed by a couple other movies and music albums as well.

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  1. Hii Prajakt..
    seriously i like ur movie ‘LAST BENCHERS’…
    Ur movie was great and ur play role in this movie is also great….wowwww….
    Listen,,, I want full flash information about that which is said by you in the movieeeee.
    After i getting a full information about ur academy, i will be decide to join it.
    Now my age is 24..just i told u…bcoz in the movie u said ki jinki age 28 ho chuki hai unko hum nikalne wale hai…
    i understand English language but i speak little english…

  2. Sir..I Have Done My Short Film…Can I Come 2 ur Academy 2 Show My Short Film…

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