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Poonam Pandey Bra’s news makes a big piece of pun on Twitter and other social media sites

poonam pandey

Remember Poonam Pandey? Yes the same model who claimed to strip off if Indian cricket team wins the world cup. It seems that she often loves to play around with such bigger sporting events. With FIFA world cup in its highest level of fever, Poonam comes up with another set of
marketing gimmick to make her the new talk of the town. This time, she has promised to give her undergarments – the bra to the Brazil team, if they win the match and qualify for the world cup finals beating Colombia in the last night quarter finals. She has posted a video
herself on YouTube dancing in a black bikini top, which she has promised to give away if Brazil wins.

As the post turned viral, it turned out becoming one of the biggest puns over the social media sites especially Twitter. Her post on Twitter claiming that the team would have a Bra Day as they win the match and one lucky member of the team gets her bikini top provided he retweet after winning the match gave funny and weird reasons from people why anyone would want the bra of this sex siren. Hence, the trend for #WhyIWantBRAofPoonamPandey turned out overwhelming over twitter, while the actress seems to enjoy this negative publicity.

Some of the popular puns surfacing over twitter include – it would be too hot to handle, while others call it heaven, while other was seen posting the creative joke like doing Abra Ka Dabra with it. Seeing all such reactions, she finally came up with laughter and applauds for people sharing such funny hastags. Poor little and weird sex siren, she barely knows that people are making fun of her and that her cheap marketing gimmick is just one or two days old story and soon everyone would forget her, while she would be again seen hunting another sporting event to seek cheap publicity. Perhaps, the next one would be the Cricket World Cup coming up next year.

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