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Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi attempts to calm Poonam Pandey after she has an emotional breakdown

Poonam Pandey is one of Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp contestants who has gotten a lot of attention. She’s been making news since the beginning. Poonam had an emotional breakdown in the most recent episode of the show. She was in the restroom alone herself because she hadn’t been feeling well and was in discomfort. She burst into tears as she was unable to complete a task.

When Payal Rohatgi saw her, she did her hardest to make her feel better. Poonam Pandey continued to weep despite her request for her to relax since she was in pain. Poonam couldn’t tolerate it any longer and expressed her displeasure by saying, “Why is this happening to me? I never had any problem. I hate myself, I am a f***ing athlete and I can’t do the task. I am not normal.”

Payal tried to calm her down once more. She advised her not to overwork herself and to rest. Poonam ultimately listened to the actress and felt much better after that.


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 Later, when she was with her team, she was seen mocking Payal Rohatgi. Anjali Arora was also mocking her by saying, “Payal ki pha** rahi hai uski koi seel do, Poonam kapde seelne aate hain, Payal ki pha** rahi hai… She can’t afford you.” Poonam replied, “Uska seelne ka mann nahi kar raha mera bohot expensive hoon mein uske liye.”


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 In one of the earlier episodes, Poonam Pandey revealed she suffered domestic abuse for four years from ex-husband Sam Bombay. She accused Sam Bombay of hitting her around her nose area and its after-effects are still there. Poonam Pandey had said, “I visited a lot of doctors. Even if I touch the area around my nose, it pops up. I cry and it pops up.”

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