Please have control over your subconscious mind says India’s leading growth coach Yashica Jalhotra

Please have control over your subconscious mind says India’s leading growth coach Yashica Jalhotra

Yashica with neuroscientific and proven techniques helps people in self transformation. She is now one of the worlds top mind programming online course curators and sought after trainers. She thoroughly focuses on the importance of gaining control over the subconscious mind in order to have a pleasant and happy life.

Since Yashica realised the high impact of negative programming done to our minds, she has spent thousands of dollars and a lot of time researching and learning about how to gain control over the subconscious mind. She has not only helped herself with her lessons and learnings but has also helped thousands of people gain control over the subconscious mind, further impacting their emotional strengths.

She talks about the most dangerous side effects of living with negative and limiting belief systems. Being the founder of Quantum of Happiness, the company works towards reducing fear, confusion, psychosomatic diseases, unwanted thoughts while increasing spiritual and financial growth in people. She has gone ahead to prove that Highly influential people all around the globe have one thing in common- they all have learnt the art of reprogramming their subconscious minds. With her online workshops, programs and bestselling book, she focuses on the negative self-talk and mediocre mindset habits severely affect our health, relationships and financial growth as well.

She continues to say that the communication between the subconscious and conscious mind is by directional. The best comparison of the subconscious mind is to wild monkey. Yashica believes that it can run rampage the whole day as it does not tired easily. The only thing you have to do is to give the while monkey a purpose. She transformed her life with the help of little-known inside secrets and techniques used by all the famous and will the people around the world.

The subconscious mind is a data bank for everything which is not in your conscious mind. It is said that the subconscious mind stores your beliefs, your previous experiences, your memories and your skills. Everything that you have seen, done or even thought of is also stored there. “It is your guidance yet a system that creates confusion and chaos”, says Entrepreneur & life coach Yashica



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