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Plan a honeymoon in Goa and let your romanticism float on the seas

A honeymoon is an adventure that allows you to create lifelong memories, and if your honeymoon is in Goa, you can expect an exciting experience. There is a lot that Goa has to offer honeymooners, including beautifully designed age-old cathedrals, old Portuguese-style structures, magnificent sunsets on the beach, candle-light dinners with wine at a beachside shack, frenetic nightlife, and luxurious beach resorts. See how you may make your own Goa honeymoon a lovely and sensual experience!

1) Butterfly beach 

Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beach is one of the best spots to visit in Goa before you die, as it is nestled between two hills. This unusual and gorgeous butterfly beach is always packed. Because of its peaceful and cozy setting, it is the most romantic location for honeymooners. The best things to do here include dolphin viewing, sunsets, romantic strolls, and kayaking. To get there, you must hike through a deep forest from Palolem. It’s at Palolem’s northwestern outskirts.

Divar Island

Divar Island


Travel to Divar Island if you want to take a quick trip back in time. This charming island is a natural wonder with the sense of a traditional Goan village. This Portuguese-inspired island is filled with rice fields and historic churches and is only accessible by ferry from Historic Goa. This island is a must-see for couples honeymooning in Goa who wish to avoid the crowds on the mainland and enjoy lovely views of the countryside and sunset.

3) Velsao beach

Velsao beach

The tiny beach is the finest place to take your family to Goa. It is known for its coconut plantations and immaculate seashore, both of which never fail to please visitors. With your partner, you can enjoy exciting water sports, sunbathing, and swimming. It’s in the state of Goa’s south.

4) Harvalem waterfall

Harvalem waterfall


You may spend some romantic time with your sweetheart while admiring the picturesque beauty of the Harvalem waterfall in Goa. It is a beautiful area to spend your honeymoon, surrounded by lush green forest and beautiful views. Between the months of June and November is the finest time to see Harvalem Falls. To get to the location, take a taxi from Panaji or Mapusa.

5) Grand Island 

Grand Island 

The area has progressively gained a reputation as one of Goa’s greatest tourist destinations. Honeymooners return to the lovely location because of the high-quality landscape and comfort. You can take a stroll around the islands with your partner and spend some quality time together. The enigmatic island is home to some of Goa’s top eateries, where you can sample a wide range of beverages and local delicacies. It takes 40 minutes to get there via ferry from Goa’s main city.

5) Bamanbudo waterfalls

Bamanbudo waterfalls

The frothy water that generates a melodic sound is responsible for the stunning sight of the Bamanbudo waterfall. The chirping birds create a soothing soundtrack. The Bamanbudo waterfall is located on the NH 14 Mumbai-Goa highway.

These are some of the greatest tourist attractions in Goa to visit with your loved ones. However, it is critical to book accommodations in advance of the trip. Book a honeymoon package that includes lovely accommodation and all the activities you must do in Goa, as well as sightseeing, etc. for the finest Honeymoon in Goa.

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