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Pitchers S2: Naveen Kasturia spills the beans on the leap story

Pitchers actor Naveen Kasturia, who is preparing for the release of the second season after a seven-year hiatus, has spilled the beans about the upcoming season. He said that while the show’s second season took a long time to arrive, its plot does not jump seven years ahead. It is very little in actuality.

Here’s what Navin Kasturia said about his role in Pitchers 2

The actor, who is essaying the role of Navin Bansal, the founder and CEO of the technological start-up Pragati.ai in the story, stated, “My part has evolved significantly in the second season, even though the plot does not span seven years.” Navin will be more accountable now that he has a firm and employees. This time, he is going to face an entirely new set of obstacles.

“I guess season 1 was about an actor wanting to come to Mumbai from Delhi to become an actor. Season two is about my journey to becoming an actor,” Naveen said, drawing comparisons between his role and what aspiring performers in his industry endure.

“Kyunki finance mil gayi hai, the real fight has begun. Ab woh bhi samajh aayega ki maa baap jis chiz ko karne ko mana karte haii, who q karte hain. Now that our startup has finance, the real fight begins. It’s like your parents advising you to follow your mind rather than your heart; why they tell you this will be revealed in this season.”

About Pitchers S2

The previous season of Pitchers saw how three friends left their jobs to open their startup. named Pragati.Ai. There will be several hurdles in their path as they strive for the progress of their company.

Pitchers 2 will shortly release on Zee5, this week. On December 23.

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