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Pinga Song : A Track or Sparking Controversy by Descendant

Pinga Song

Well the way the stunning track directed and motioned it was nothing but a marvellous appearance in front of the audience and fans. A ritual track ‘Pinga’ of an upcoming flick Bajirao Mastani was sparking like anything the moment it touched the floors, especially when it comes to dance then the two lovely beauties of the globe namely Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have actually given a pure fragrance of Peshwas. However none of us have ever thought off that these impressions can one day turned into controversial talks, I guess you won’t believe this isn’t? Let’s have a quick look on the controversies.

A well known personality in the globe Mohini Karkarey, one of the renowned descendant of Peshwas have exploded her hatred via a fire catching letter on the director of the movie i.e. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Have a glance on what she have written on the letter..

Mr Bhansali, The time has now come to speak out, to speak out against the picturisation in the song and certain scenes from your movie, Bajirao Mastani. The latest song Pinga and the dance sequence which you have promoted have a lot of undesirable elements.

This is not fiction, Mr Bhansali. You have portrayed real people who have been recorded in history. The Peshwas ruled for more than 100 years. Did you do any research at all? Did you, for instance, understand the life and times of people in the 1700s? Do you know and understand their behavioural pattern?” – As per the sources.

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