Friday, December 3, 2021
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Peepli Live Co-director arrested for sexually assaulting a woman

peeplilivedirector arrested

The co-director of Peepli Live – Mahmood Farooqui has been arrested by the Delhi Police for the allegation of sexually assault a US based woman. The 30 year old research student of Indian origin was seen complaining the Delhi Police along with one of the senior official of US Embassy to file the said FIR against the filmmaker. He was then called for the questioning and later was arrested and presented before the court, which has now sent this man for a 14 days judicial custody. The woman was seen giving her statement to the court under the section of 164 CrPC.

On the other side, defending the action of her husband, Anusha Rizvi the wife of Farooqui issued a statement claiming that the charges against him was false and manipulating and the duo would fight for their rights. As per the police the lady had met Farooqui last year in 2014 when she was pursuing for her Phd from a known US university and was introduced by one of their common friends based in Varanasi. The two got friendly after a couple of meetings as he helped her to gather the required info for her research.

The officer further informed that the complainant has got the assault on 26th March 2015 when she was invited at his rented accommodation at Sukhdev Vihar wherein two other people including a senior journalist was present. After the party, the two left while the accused and complainant were present. He then sexually assaulted without seeking her consent. She then returned to the US after a week and has finally returned to New Delhi to complain about the same seeking the help of US Embassy.


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