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Peekay Box Office Predictions

So, we all are on the track to know about the most awaited movie of the month?? No,, we would express this as the most sizzling movie of the year, the legendary star ‘Aamir Khan’s’ movie ‘Pk. Whenever the word comes ‘Aamir Khan, we as a loving fan of him usually get crazy about the uniqueness and the something that we haven’t seen before and that’s the basic reason behind the eagerness amongst the fans which attracts the audience with a huge applause. But, when it comes to quality then, yes all the makers of different movies get on to the race that what new changes they can do in order to grab the audience. And with this concept we already knew that despite the promos or tracks may not attract the audience initially but in the end it’s just like hitting a match winning shot in the end to smash the Box office collection and the one who can do this is none other than or beloved actor ‘Aamir’. Coming on to the track to check whether the movie can really collect the impressive collection or not?

Let’s just talk about the Box office collection of Pk eventually. Though the movie is done with his job to attract the audience by its eye catchy promos, posters and last but not the least never ever done by any of the film makers, to upload the entire album of Pk movie. With this it seems like the movie can even break the record of other movies by crossing 30Crores worldwide in just initial day of its release. And if the movie would really impress the audience then till the end of the week the movie can easily cross 100Crores worldwide that would be a stunning record as well. Moreover these figures are just the predictions but let’s see the movie can really make it or not?

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