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Pearl V Puri Case: Victim’s mother breaks her silence about the case

Pearl V Puri who has been accused of raping a minor on the sets of Bepanaah Pyar is getting all the support from the industry. The victim’s father registered the complaining saying that the alleged incident happened in 2019. This has divided social media into two while Pearl V Puri’s fans have supported him strongly, many have raised questions about his innocence.

People have also questioned the complainant to speak about the matter. Bollywoodlife quoted her mother as saying, “A lot of people are calling and asking me to come to the media and speak. My silence should not be construed as my weakness. My respect and faith in the judiciary has made me take this step. Many people have choose to ridicule me and my daughter in public which is not permissible by law. Publicising a victims name in public is a offence. I choose to remain silent as I am not the complainant in the case. Whatever is true shall come out. The matter is subjudiced and hence I am not speaking to anyone as the custody case is pending in the High Court and it’s my earnest request to all that please don’t make a mockery of the legal system as I have given my statement to the concern authorities. Let the truth prevail.”

Divya Khosla Kumar asked the victim’s mother, “Pearl lost his father recently , his mother is a cancer patient… she has no one to help her .. she has been calling me repeatedly crying …. He has been put behind bars in a rape case under such strong sections that their is no bail … High court is closed due to Covid & holidays …. in the meantime if something happens to Pearls mother who should we hold responsible ???? Coz the law will take its own time …. U have enough time on hand but a senior citizen suffering from cancer …. Do you realise the sensitivity of the whole case ?”

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