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Pari and Veerey Ki Wedding 1st Day Collection

veerey ki wedding and pari

The B Town had two films released in the theaters, which include Pari and Veerey Di Wedding.  Now, let’s talk about the former. The film has been prepared with loads of horror elements, which made everyone to like the trailer, plus the film has a decent star value. Hence the film has a good buzz in the media, which seemed to have helped the film in a big way. Secondly, the holiday on the eve of Holi also has helped the film to prosper in the film.  This has helped the film to get a decent turn out. Though it didn’t work out in the initial hours but the evening was good for the audience.

Now, let’s see how the film has performed in the day. The earlier shows had limited occupancy that gave the film a bit of collection, however, with the evening shows the film could get higher numbers. As per reports, the first day box office collection for Pari reached to around 7 crore, which is actually a good figure and the movie is likely to cross 30 crore at the first weekend. Now, let’s talk about the other film released the other day. The film called Veerey Di Wedding had a mixed review and the buzz in the media seemed too low and average in most of the places. Hence what the film ended collecting at the first day was nothing but less.

The film had two issues, one the movie didn’t had much buzz in the media due to low promotion and low star value. The film had not so big buzz with its trailer and other things that has hampered the collection. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Veerey Di Wedding reached to around 4.5 crore. And with the current buzz in the media that remains low and meager, one may not expect the film to cross 15 crores. So, at the moment it is the Anushka Sharma film Pari is the winner and not the other way round.


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