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5 Celebrities who Lost their Lives in Bathroom

We know death to be the most unpredictable thing to happen, while no one can escape death rich or poor. The sudden death of Sridevi is a classic example of how death can attack you when you remain even amidst the lofty mansions and with loads of money and wealth it can catch you there. Sridevi is not alone to have got the death in the Bathroom, there are several other Bollywood stars who lost their lives in Bathroom, how about catching up the list of Bollywood Celebrities who Lost their Lives in Bathroom as under:

1). Priya Rajwansh

Priya Rajwansh

Though she was not a big star, yet she was adored for her beauty and talent and has thus given tough competition with her persona. She lost her life while she was relaxing in the bathroom after consuming heavy alcohol.

2). Sri Devi

Sridevi death

She is the recent one to add in this list and prompted to cover this post. Well, she lost her life after getting sudden drowned in the bathtub while she was unconscious. She was 54 and left behind her two daughters and her husband along with huge amount of fans behind.

3). Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

He was a huge celebrity and a big name in pop singing and dance. He also lost his life in the bathroom. As per reports, he had an overdose of some medicine, which made him drowned in the bathtub taking his life away.

4). Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Unlike Sridevi, this Hollywood star also lost her life in the bathroom. Her body was found in the bathtub and the cause of death was drug overdose. She died in the year 2012.

5). Albert Decker

Albert Dekker

Unlike several actors and celebrities who lost their lives in Bathroom, Albert is one of them. He was found dead with his hands tied up with vulgar words written on his body using red lipstick, interestingly his death was declared as accidental death at the later stage.

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