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Pari Trailer Review


Finally the most awaited film Pari has its trailer released in the media. We see the lady with her eye floating in the water which is full of blood while the lady was seen clipping her nails over the benefactor Prambrata Chatterjee who could be the victim of his own Good Samaritan act. Well one can find the trailer to be a tease once you have a look at it. Despite a number of screamers and the full-length trailer it has become difficult to grip over the character of Anushka Sharma in the movie. But every time when you see the lady on the screen with the blood dripping at her face that will make you fear the experience. Well you got to wait till the end when you would see her with the nail clipper.

Despite the fact that the film has a debutant director like Prosit Roy has managed to do a decent film and we need even thank the actors like Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakraborty for their incredible performance. And as you look further, we find the 1.5 minutes trailer to be crisply edited along with succeeding in keeping and engaging us over the edge. As the husband cricketer already saying that he cannot wait to catch the movie as he is already blown with it.

The trailer starts showing the lady Anushka like a person who seems to be in need and Parambrata as a man who is seen helping her and will gradually seen falling in love with her. But as we see the events unleashing, everyone including the man called Parambrata and Anushka going too dangerous instead of the meek person she looks like. The trailer simply concludes at a scene wherein we see two Anushkas (one and scared and other normal ones), with blood smeared all over her face that are seen scares her away!

As we seen in the eye floating in water, we see the bloodied Anushka Sharma clipping her nails and thus a benefactor Prambrata Chatterjee who might simply fall victim over his own Good Samaritan act — Pari trailer is a tease. Despite we find multiple screamers we find the full-length trailer, it is simply hard to get the right grip on the leading lady in the film. But every time Anushka Sharma simply comes over the screen with the blood dripping over her face, you end up experiencing pure fear.


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