Monday, December 6, 2021
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OMG: Priyanka Chopra Drags Nirav Modi in a legal battle in #PNBScam For Dues

Priyanka Chopra Drags Nirav Modi To The Court For Dues

Priyanka Chopra, who has now turned out to be an international sensation is back in news for a wrong reason this time. She had shot for a jewels campaign of Nirav Modi  last year. The actress then was seen shooting for the campaign with the actor Sidharth Malhotra and we really found out the two very much stunning and hot as a new couple in the media and thus was liked and loved by so many. However, early yesterday we got a news in the media about the 11,400 crores scam of the infamous bank called Punjab National Bank that included Nirav Modi.

As the news surfaced it simply spread like wildfire and Priyanka Chopra was seen accusing the man called Modi of not paying her for the due share for the said diamond ad campaign. The bank PNB, which is among the India’s second largest state-owned bank was seen dragged in the fraud of around 11,400 crores at a single Mumbai branch. The bank had named three diamond companies who were seen benefiting from the said fraud — Diamonds R Us, Stellar Diamonds and Solar Exports. According to the media reports, the man called Nirav Modi and his family members were seen the partners in all these companies.

As per the media report Sidharth too is seen cutting ties with the Diamantaire as he is keen on saving his image in the media by getting associated with Nirav Modi, who is now been accused in this big time fraud case. As per the reports  Sidharth was supposed to shoot for several TV commercials, however, with the current scenario, these TV commercials have gone for a toss for obvious reasons, which had brought forward PC to known the doors of the courts

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