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Parched (2016) Review | Predict the Unpredictable

Parched (2016) Review
Parched (2016) Review

Directed By : Linaa Yadav

Produced By : Ajay Devgn, Aseem Bajaj,
Cast : Radhika Apte , Surveen Chawla, Tanishtha Chatterjee
Review By : Priyanka Raina
Stories on social issue when ever arises through films or News , Politics or any other Social Media , History tells that it somewhere touches our inner souls that such  thing could be even possible in some rural areas. In the past movies like I M KALAM , RUDAALI which have created place at  Box office records , Now lets see How our upcoming Film PARCHED fares.
Movie which has travelled almost the entire World in Festivals and won hearts , finally sees the Release in INDIA.
Parched , Directed by Linaa Yadav In short is a story of Three Women – Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla and Tanishtha Chatterjee who face different hurdles in life to earn their daily Bread.
LAJJO (Radhika Apte) who’s an house wife in the film, and often his Husband beats her coz He tells she is unable to deliver the baby and often taunts her.. When later Radhika gets pregnant by her Boy friend, then realizes that she was Complete, Only incomplete was her husband.
Secondly , RANI (Tanishta Chatterjee) plays an 32 year old widow, who has 14 year old Son and gets him married but his son loves some one else and so often ignores her and takes the money ,etc.
Now last but not least , Here comes the best part and the most Entertaining in film Chand (SURVEEN CHAWLA) who manages to win hearts by her thundering performance. Surveen plays an role of Prostitute AKA Bar Dancer who performs on local stage in Village and is close Friend of Rani & Lajjo.
Rani , Lajjo and Chand often meets and share their light moments. Then there’s an light Lesbian moment between Radhika Apte & Tanishtha Chatterjee.
Direction By  Linaa Yadav is well portrayed, In some scenes it will really take your heart in mouth to see some shocking side , But fact in Villages.
Review : On Review By Priyanka Raina ,Can give Three Stars to Parched – One to the Direction on brilliant story line to show light moment on such heart breaking rural parts of our country. Secondly to the cast especially Surveen Chawla who actually won my heart by her performance. and Last but not least to the props , Art director to give us feeling as if we are in Village.
Rating : ★★ ★ Stars
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