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Padmaavat: Deepika at her best in dance songs of Ghoomar

The first day shoot for the film Padmavat had the song Ghoomar that had Deepika Padukone at the center. In fact, it was the first one to get released in the media that helped in creating a good buzz in the media. The dance was presented in the Rajasthani folk dance format, which was the result of 12 rigorous rehearsals and it took four long days to complete this song. Before the song was shot, the leggy lass was trained in the said format of a song by Jyoti D Tommar for few days. The character deserved that amount of time for obvious reasons after the Piku actress is playing the Queen of Chittor.

As per reports, Deepika performed 66 twirls while she was shooting for the song Ghoomar so that the makers can pick out the best of the few. And the tough part of the song was that the actress had to perform keeping every minute detail intact. The hand and the hip movement in the Rajasthani style of dance requires a different and too much of movie, which is not often traditionally notices. They tend to remain small and with big steps. These remain very delicate and fragile but at the same time, the actress had to connect with the audience with portraying the right set of emotions.

So, when Deepika was asked about the song, she said, she had altogether a different experience while getting choreographed for Goomar with Kruti Mahesh who also had worked with the song Deewani Mastani from Bajirao Mastani another Bhansali movie. Despite Deepika trying the folk dance for the first time, with a pre-mature understanding of the character (as was short the first in this film), the lady has to face a lot. But she made sure that she got things right by portraying the character with the right mannerism and body language.

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