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5 Compelling Reasons to watch Padman 

Sonam Kapoor In padman
Sonam Kapoor In padman

The Padman starring Akshay Kumar is all set to release next month. Earlier this film was supposed to release this 26th January, but considering the request from the makers of Padmavat, the Padman was averted and now would release on 9th February 2018. Well, the movie gives enough reasons to watch, how about catching the five compelling reasons to watch Padman in the following paragraphs:

A Real-time Hero 

Amidst a number superheroes which become the lead actor, this film has a superhero, who is realistic and confronts with several real concerns including the scarcity of inexpensive sanitary napkins and he happens to be the one from rural India.

Real Padman
Real Padman

Social Stigma Gone

With so many social taboos still to become the issue of the B Town film, this certainly includes the menstruation issue, which was often discussed in the most hush-hush way des[ite remaining at the major concern and has direct links with the health of women in India. So, with Padman we see the major medium of awareness and education is being considered to be dealt at length doing justice to the subject.

Real Time Issues

With passing time, we have some real time issues becoming the subject of the film. Padman is the classic example of a film that discusses the issue of the women called menstruation. It talks about the menstruation hygiene in a big way.

Good Star cast

The film has some of the best star cast, which showcases the story of a superhero called PadMan. The Khilari of B Town and the acclaimed actress of B Town called Radhika Apte are seen getting paired with each other along with Sonam Kapoor interestingly becoming give another reason to catch the film.Akshay Kumar's Padman's theatrical

Subtle Message 

Akshay now seems to be fond of giving films with a social message, which include Jolly LLB 2, Toilet: Ek Prem Kathan and now the film called Padman which again gives another strong message about the menstrual hygiene for the firs time.

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