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Pad Man Movie Review : Ordinary story but extraordinary message backed with competitive performance by Akshay Kumar

Pad Man Movie Review

Pad Man Movie Review

Director – R. Balki

Star castAkshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte

Producer -Twinkle Khanna

Studio – SPE Films India, KriArj Entertainment, Cape of Good Films &  Hope Productions

Genre – Biographical Comic Drama

Rating – 3.0


The story of Pad Man is a biographical film of a man with mission called Lakshmikant Chauhan (played by Akshay Kumar) who is keen on creating  pads for his wife and family. Since he comes from a lower middle-class zone, the branded pads for his family are counted as the luxury item for Lakshmi’s family. So amidst all he embarks with his invention creating affordable sanitary napkins for the ladies who cannot afford the high cost napkins. Lakshmi is seen starting up his journey dealing with failures and embarks upon with great success. You can further catch the story in any screen close to  you.


The script of Pad Man seems moving and dancing over a tightrope, however, despite the film is with a strong message, it avoid getting extremely preachy and thus manages to entertain you most of the time. Balki has managed to display the process of making the pad machine in an amazing fashion. You will like the final speech by Akshay Kumar. The makers however, seems to have done half the homework for giving the strong message yet it managed to go smooth the presence of Akshay Kumar. Thanks to his high star value.

Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar has been splendid playing Lakshmikant Chauhan. Though one may not call this to be his best performance, but certainly one of the best. On the other side, Radhika Apte has been earthy with her presence who is seen crying all the time that simply makes her over-dramatic. Overall, she did a good job yet deserved a better-written character. Sonam Kapoor seemed pretty bold and bouncy in a cameo kind of character in her film tends to sparks the chemistry with the Khiladi of B Town. Talking about the other elements like music, direction and script, everything went right helping the help to gain a good entertainment value.

Pad Man The Last Word

If you feel that you are not able to connect with the message of Pad Man, think twice you will be able to do so. As said Everything comes with an expiry date so is Akshay Kumar enjoy his films till he lasts.  The film comes with a combo of entertainment along with a message-driven plot, which is a rare occurrence and Pad Man can be seen fitting into the bill.

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