Oru Muthassi Gadha Malayalam Movie Review : A tale to transform the elderly and their children

Rating : ★★★

The Backdrop: This is not the first time that a director has touched the subject of neglect of elderly people in the household. The only difference is this time it has been given a comic treatment.  The story is about a Grandmother who is cranky and hostile all the time disturbing the peace of everyone in the house from grand children to the maids. Despite of her son, Suraj Venjarmoodu’s efforts to bring her close to the family members, she continues as disturbed and agitated. When the other members of the family decide to go on a vacation leaving her at home, the grandmother (Leelamma), she finds company to open her heart to and then begins her journey to self revelation.

The story: Leelamma is a restless hostile grandmother put up with her son, daughter in law and two grand children. She interferes in the matters of everyone in the house and leaves everyone restless calling her the crazy grandmother. Finding it difficult to cope with the new gen lifestyle, she is excessively critical all the time. Suraj, the son, considers way to bring her to peace by taking the family away for a vacation. But Leelamma is too adamant to join them. When they all go leaving her at home, a friend joins her and then begins her rekindling of her suppressed desires and undone knots in the past. To what extent this will change her remains to be seen in the end. Filled with comic moments and emotions, this Mutasshi Gadha not only touches you but makes you think for your elder ones living in isolation.

Analysis: A serious subject treated with a comic touch. One is easily reminded of Jayram and Nayanthara starrer Manasinakkare which was based on the same theme. This one makes you laugh more than shed tears. But emotions well up when it shifts you to the perspective of old people who crave for company of their age and to share their neglect and dissatisfaction from their life in the sunset of life. Though there are many hilarious moments, the film goes astray after interval. The journey to search for the Leela’s old friend is a drag and hardly does any good to the story.

Performances: Lena and Suraj Venjaramoodu are in sync as the quarrelling couple. Rajini Chandy plays the lead character of Grandma and she nails it. She looks eccentric and displays the perplexities and complexes an old woman feels in today’s age of technology. Dubbing artiste Bhagyalakshmi plays the magical buddy’s character, which is a bit farfetched in portrayal. Aparna Balmurali is the sweet daughter and looks every bit a girl we can relate to. Vineeth Srinivasan ‘s short role is commendable.

Music and Direction: Music by Shaan Rahman fits in well with the theme. The love song and the fun songs all go down well. Jude Anthony Joseph seems to be continuing with comedy once again after his debut Om Shanthi Oshaana in 2014. Though not as good as his earlier venture, he made a film that family and youngsters all will enjoy watching.


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