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OMG: It’s Varun Dhawan who is the sole Reason Behind Alia & Sidharth Malhotra Breakup

Varun Dhawan
As we see Varun Dhawan getting close to Alia Bhatt it has made her alleged designer girlfriend Natasha Dalal insecure and it has created some rifts between the two. On the other side, even Alia Bhatt is seen getting upset and insure with his beau Sidharth Malhotra’s fondness for his closeness with A Gentleman co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. Besides, these two gossips, we hear some speculations that has come in between Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra. Yes you heard it right Varun has been behind the rift between the said couple.
On the other side we also hear that Sid’s closeness with Jackie and Alia’s closeness with Varun has been the reason of their rift. This has made the Kapoor & Sons actors to quit their relationship. Also, there are media reports that the two actors – Varun and Siddharth have their professional rivalry which has given new angles in the trio giving a final breakup between the two. Varun as per reports is feeling jealous about the way Sid is moving in a higher position, which made him tread this path taking Alia on her side.
Also, there were reports when Varun was seen having a Dram Team Tour with Alia that has made Sid upset. Also, Sid didn’t like the idea of both Alia and Varun being teamed together to often for different films that has created the problem in between the two. Many feel that they should resolve the issues together as they are young and will cross each other in the big but still a small industry.
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